A partnership is a perfect solution if you don't want to stand still!

What we offer:

The e-commerce platform

Hosting place

IT support

Promotional videos

What we expect:

A promising product


See the video below if you have any concerns!

We are very happy that you are interested in our offer, but we need to discuss some things before we start 😉

1) Periodically (once / week or month) you transfer to us a fixed percentage of the profits generated on the e-commerce platform that we will create for you.
2) We provide and control the hosting on which the e-commerce platform operates. Why? Well, we can make an oral, written agreement – it doesn’t matter. However, the problem is that every agreement can be broken, changed, bypassed… And we come out of one simple assumption: Either fair (partnership) or not at all. That is why we propose one, simple mechanism, thanks to which our investment in your facilities will be secured – we have to keep control over the platform. If you change one’s mind in the future, the platform stays with us.

Apply now and start earning money!