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Frequently Asked Questions

The standard waiting time for the service is about 2-4 weeks (depending on the current realizations) after we receive 100% of the materials and agree on the required issues. On request, we can shorten this time by about 50%, i.e. to 1-2 weeks.

If the translation service is on our side, this is not possible as we only offer pages in English and Polish.
If you provide us all the necessary translations, you can receive the page in other languages.

This course is designed to show you how to navigate the WordPress panel. It covers issues such as:
Adding new posts, pages.
Updating themes, plugins, and WordPress.

*The course is only available as a pdf*

You can tell us how the website should look like, or tell us which template you choose, but if you want to, we will provide you with a design proposal.

1. Choose the best package for you.
– Basic Package -> simple website / landing page
– Extended Package -> an extended website with many subpages.
– Custom Package -> e-shop, customized service (and hosting etc.).
2. Proceed to checkout and fill in the required fields.
3. Press “Place Oder”.
4. You will receive your order confirmation.
5. We will contact you within 2 working days to discuss the details.
6. We will provide the ordered services for you.
7. After the confirmation of the page/shop made by us, we will invoice you.
8. After paying the fee, we will provide you with all the necessary data (logins, passwords, etc.).

It’s very simple, right?

In this case, you are charged additional costs (equivalent to the cost of the plugin/template) and prepayment.
We do not buy the template/plugin from our own budget.

Not unless you have purchased a “support package”, or if it is work that we agreed on earlier (e.g. there was no plug-in that was added later, but we agreed on it during the work).

The content, pictures, and materials for the shop, e.g. product pictures, prices, etc., is provide by you.

– Shop and payment configuration
– Adding up to 300 objects (materials supplied by you)

If a theme/plugin permits, it does not.

If you already have a domain you bought, we will transfer it for you.
If you just want to choose one, then:
– check the availability of the domain yourself,
– buy the “Domain search” package and we will do it for you.
After choosing the offer, you pay an advance payment of the equivalent of the domain, which will be deducted from the total cost of the service (if the cost of the domain does exceed €15 – then you have to pay extra (for example: if the domain you want costs €40: subtracts €15 from €40 and you pay the difference.)).
If you do not want to pay in advance – no problem. Then the procedure is as follows:
– we show you the finished page;
– you pay the issued invoice;
– after the payment for the service is booked, we install the domain for you.

The page with the Elementor PRO is cheaper because after the license ends you will have to renew it in order to continue using Elementor PRO.


You do not need to renew your license for Elementor because the site will continue to work properly. 
You only need to renew the license if you want to make changes to the page that include Elementor PRO.

The page with Elementor PRO can be freely changed and adjusted so that interesting pages are created more pleasantly.

*tomeckiStudio reserves the right to change the terms of service.*

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